Why Your Young Child Should Learn a Second Language

Posted on July 30, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Most people understand that learning a second language is a great thing, especially for developing brains. Still, have you ever really dug into the whys and hows of learning a second language for children? When you get a closer look at all of the benefits, you’ll realize that those benefits go even deeper than you thought they did. Let’s take a minute to explore some of those benefits of a second language for children.

Organic Learning

Think back to your high school days. Remember learning from charts and rote memorization in your language classes? How well did that work out? For many people, language classes come with a lot of struggle. Young children don’t learn languages that way, though. They learn organically. They play with new vocabulary, repeat sentences, and absorb contexts. With children, the goal is fun and conversation. Unlike adults, they don’t worry about grammar mistakes. As a result, they learn their second language much easier than adults do.

Furthermore, since your child’s brain is still growing and developing, now is the perfect time to look into a second language for them. Their brain will store all of the new information much more easily than an adult brain would.

Overall Brain Boost

Speaking of developing brains, a second language for children can do wonders for mind growth. When your child learns a second language, they’ll engage several parts of their brain at the same time. As a result, your child can grow up with increased creativity, problem solving skills, and overall flexibility.

Academic Success

Of course, that brain boost will get carried into their academic lives, too. Again, think about your high school language classes. As your child gets older, language classes don’t need to be a struggle. If you give them a solid foundation for language learning in preschool, they can succeed in their high school language courses without feeling lost. Also, a firm grasp on a foreign language can help your child with test-taking and other school challenges. Think about the SAT, for example. When your child gets old enough to take that test, having another language under their belt can help them with the vocabulary portion. If they notice similar roots between their second language and the words on the exam, they’ll be able to make educated choices based on context.

Cultural Opportunities

Translations are fine, but why should you always rely on the translation? What if your child could explore some more original sources? A second language for children can open up a world of cultural opportunities. Whatever your child’s interests may be, they can explore how other cultures handle those interests. For example, if your bilingual child enjoys writing, they can explore some of the writings of their second language. This way, they’ll gain fresh perspective and a deeper appreciation of their interests.

Human Connection

Last and most importantly, a second language for children gives little ones an early chance to connect with others. A new language opens up a world of possibilities for friendship, travel, and deeper understanding of other people’s cultures and traditions.

Second Language for Children

Looking for second language options for your child? Wondering how to get started? Let Legacy Academy help. At Legacy Academy, our curriculum lets children learn the basics of other languages. At our Berkeley Lake location, children can choose from Spanish and Chinese Mandarin. Ready to see your child gain the excitement of learning a second language? Start by contacting Legacy Academy. Contact us today to schedule your free school tour. We know that you want the best for your child. That’s why we do everything that we can do to help them thrive.