Family-friendly podcasts

Five Family-Friendly Podcasts You Should Listen To

Posted on January 24, 2019 : Posted in Activities for Young Children, Parenting Tips
Family-friendly podcasts

Thanks to technology, the options for free or inexpensive family entertainment are growing rapidly. While you probably take advantage of streaming services as well as free online videos, sometimes you want to have family time that doesn’t include watching a screen. This may include in the car, at mealtimes, or at bedtime. With that in mind, we’ve created this list of five family-friendly podcasts that are sure to tickle your imagination.

Circle Round

Produced by WBUR, Boston’s local NPR radio station, this podcast includes folktales from cultures around the world. Topics range from generosity to friendship to truthfulness, and episodes last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Each episode features a guest voice actor from popular media as well as original music and scripts adapted for modern audiences. Additionally, the team who creates and produces Circle Round episodes is composed of parents of young children, ensuring that the stories are accessible and relevant to family life. Additionally, the Circle Round website has original coloring pages, questions to discuss after listening, and a spotlight of a featured musical instrument for every episode. Listening to this family-friendly podcast will easily become a weekly tradition!

Story Pirates

The Story Pirates podcast comes from an arts education company by the same name. Founded in Harlem, the Story Pirates are a group of improv comedians who perform stories written by kids and submitted via the group’s website. The stories are wild, full of the full force of children’s imaginations, and the voice actors rise to the wacky challenge. The critically acclaimed podcast recreates a child’s story each week, complete with sound effects and crazy songs, as well as plenty of silly embellishments. Story Pirates is a sure win if your family loves a good giggle and over-the-top fun.

Highlights Hangout

Produced by the creators of Highlights Magazine for kids, the Highlights Hangout podcast contains all the segments you would find in your monthly subscription. This includes jokes, stories, and games. Listening to the weekly episodes of Highlights Hangout is like being transported into the beloved kid’s magazine, with characters Goofus and Gallant making regular appearances as well as plenty of opportunities to learn and participate. In addition, each episode includes a hidden sound game, science facts, and more. Even young children will love the songs and upbeat feel of this family-friendly podcast.


Storynory is one of the largest sources of children’s audio stories in the world. The Storynory podcast features both modern and classic fairytales read by professional voice actors. Original material is written in-house. Additionally, all the chosen content focuses on imagination, curiosity, and adventure. While Storynory’s stories are frequently geared toward elementary aged children, the high-quality narration and production will engage listeners of all ages.

Sparkle Stories

With an emphasis on stories that are gentle and kind, Sparkle Stories is a lovely podcast full of kindness and wonder. The stories shared on Sparkle Stories are original works and endeavor to help families slow down and learn about kindness and respect. With weekly releases, this family-friendly podcast will inspire your family to grow together.

Podcasts are a great tool to add to your daily or weekly routine. They offer opportunities to learn, laugh, and use your imagination while also encouraging virtues like kindness and curiosity. If you are looking for inexpensive and simple ways to spend your family time, give these family-friendly podcasts a try. Podcasts can be played through most standard audio players as well as Apple Music, Google Music, and specialized podcast apps. Are you looking for childcare that will support your efforts to raise a thoughtful and curious child? Look no further than Legacy Academy Berkeley Lake. Call or visit today to learn more.