Child Care Norcross – Fall Fun

Posted on September 29, 2016 : Posted in Family Time & Holidays, Parenting Tips

As the days begin to get a little cooler, it’s the perfect time to get your children outdoors. Even a short hike can be a great time to spend with your young ones. Help your little learner by exploring shapes and colors in the leaves. Go on a hunt for nuts and pine cones. Listen for the caws of crows and other bird songs that make up the soundtrack of autumn. Remember any nursery rhymes about fall from your childhood?  “Five Little Pumpkins” or “Sing a Song of SixPence” ? Share them and your memories with your co-adventurer as you walk through the park or hike in the woods.

At Legacy Academy in Berkeley Lake, we are outdoors at our child care center each day when the weather allows.  We spend lots of time outside, playing and enjoying the beautiful changing seasons in Norcross.   Want to learn more about our preschool and educational offerings? Give us a call and plan a tour.